What’s the role of Planners and Strategists?


Planning and strategy presentation from Samuel Geuter

Here are the key points to take away.

Where Planners and Strategists fit in is somewhere between an Account Manager and a Creative.

Exactly what Planners and Strategists do can be broken down into four main roles:

  1. The client brief. This is issued by the client to the agency and it’s the Strategist’s job to understand and analyse it, and generate insights based on it.
  2. The creative brief. This is the creative solution that you think up in response to the problems and challenges outlined in the client brief. It’s where you get down all your strategic ideas based on the brand’s current positioning and its objectives.
  3. Implementation: putting into practice the creative strategy you outlined in the creative brief.
  4. Evaluation. To evaluate your strategy effectively you need to track your progress continually and take measurements of your strategy’s impact on awareness, brand value and business revenue.

Remember, to be a successful strategist you need to be inquisitive, have the ability to draw ideas from a broad range of sources, be clear and concise, a great team player, and on top of all of this you must also have a sound understanding of the wider areas of marketing.

Is this a role you could see yourself in? If so, let us know in the comments!