What’s life like as an intern at AKQA?


I’m Becky, a recent graduate from Bournemouth University where I studied BA HONS Marketing. Just a week after I finished studying at the seaside, I relocated to London where I was lucky enough to experience 3 months working at AKQA on their key client account NIKE during the London Olympics.

For those of you who don’t know, AKQA is a successful ideas company. They have a number of clients (Nike, Fiat, Heineken) and they improve their clients’ business through digital, innovative ideas.

Ok, so if you have seen their website or heard of AKQA you will wonder how a fresh graduate with limited experience in digital marketing was able to get an internship at AKQA. Well it was not easy. I got a real bee in my bonnet that I wanted to experience AKQA life, share my ideas and learn from the talented people as a result of an introductory talk from the founders of the company- at an AdSoc event I attended last year in Oxford. After seeing the effect AKQA-style advertising can have not only on companies but also on consumers’ lives, I knew I had to be a part of it. I was persistent and passionate and it got me where I wanted to be. I had just written my entire presentation on Nike and digital marketing, which was completely inspired by AKQA’s work and meant I had a good knowledge of what was going on with Nike’s digital marketing activity.

Life at AKQA was exciting! I worked on the global strategy account with some ridiculously talented people. I helped monitor and progress their social media activity in the lead-up to, and follow-up from the London Olympics. This was based around consumers ‘finding greatness’, where we used social media to motivate people to be as active as possible in their favorite sports during the Olympics. Loads of work went into creating a real buzz on Nike’s social media channels. Helping to monitor this really opened my eyes to how effectively communication of the right nature and consistency could really make consumers excited about a brand and what it stands for.

This project was right up my street; being a fitness fanatic myself I loved working on this project, and lots of us at AKQA would go out on runs around London on our lunch break – it helped to keep a positive momentum going. The workload at AKQA was heavy, but every single day was different and ideas were ever evolving. It was a huge learning curve for me. It was like nothing I could imagine working life to be. It was intense, but equally as fulfilling.

Unfortunately my time at AKQA had to end due to other career commitments, but I consider myself lucky to work with great people on such an ambitious, demanding brand as Nike.

It set me in good stead to continue my career to say the least!