UCL AdSoc Launch Event: FutureRising Meet UCL and Oxford

The last week of the Spring Term (and for the year for many of us) saw the official launch of UCL Advertising Marketing and PR society. On Wednesday over 25 attendees, including students from both UCL and Oxford Adsocs, headed to Futurerising offices (an agency aiming to bring together Marketing industry professionals and students interested in the field) for an afternoon of learning and inspiration, featuring talks from representatives of Google Squared, ais London, Zenith Optimedia and event partner Mavens.

The event was organised in partnership with Mavens of London, a digital research, strategy and marketing agency currently working for some of the world’s largest brands, with Head of Talent and Training James Weller setting the brief on the day.

Most of the afternoon comprised of tackling the live brief, for which each team of 5 or 6 had to propose a basic marketing strategy roadmap for an electronics company wishing to enter into the smartwatch market.



The teams had an exhilarating 90 minutes of brainstorming and prep with access to all the industry professionals present on the day for questions and advice, before pitching their ideas in a presentation via PowerPoint to the panel.



The presentations ranged from elite high-end smartwatch brands aiming to beat Rolexes out of the market (“We’re not the BMW of the smartwatch industry, we’re the Rolls Royce.”) to complex, tech-focused smartwatches to more fitness-geared products. We presented to all of the other groups, having to defend all our choices with data research as a real marketing team would, as well as respond to questions from a panel that wasn’t shy of pulling our pitches apart.

After a series of entertaining and interesting talks from the industry professionals about their jobs, the winners of the challenge was announced to be a team comprising of Aileen Wang (UCL), Jack Brophy (UCL), Alex Daish (UCL), Emma Recknell (Oxford) and Oishika Ray (Oxford), who pitched a low-tech fitness-focused smartwatch with aims to tap into existing fitness-gear demands, ride off the advertising campaigns for the 2016 Olympics, and appeal to a 16-24 year old male demographic.

The Winning Team!

The Winning Team!

The evening broke off into an informal networking session with all those involved, supplemented with drinks and snacks. Despite initial trepidation and the fact that the vast majority of us were studying degrees completely outside of the business faculty, we all met a lot of people, had a great time, and were surprised at how fun the initially daunting real-life brief was to tackle. If you’re harbouring even just a general interest in advertising, marketing or PR, I’d encourage you to keep an eye out for more opportunities to get involved, as this is just the beginning for UCL Adsoc!

By Aileen Wang