The best advertising blogs for breakfast (besides this one)




Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I can’t cope without it. For me, a morning without breakfast is a morning marked by severe toast withdrawal symptoms.


Over the years I’ve modified my breakfast routine. Initially, I watched perpetual re-runs of ‘friends’. Top tip: don’t do this unless you want to feel closer to Chandler than you do to your real life ‘friends’.


Stage 2 was Ted talks. Get your brain going with short talks on everything under the sun. Perfect, until you exhaust all the ‘funny’ talks and realise that you can’t endure ‘inspirational’ talks before you’ve finished your coffee.


But now I’ve cracked it: Advertising blogs. Stimulating, interesting, inspirational, productive, funny. A good advertising blog goes perfectly with jam. Trust me. Here 5 of my personal favourites.


1)     The Ad Contrarian:

Dry, acerbic, immune to fad-ery and jargon, Bob Hoffman is one of the most successful admen operating in the western USA.

Breakfast buddy: Black coffee and a banana


2)     PSFK:

If you like your mornings a little less vitriolic and a little more inspirational, PSFK reports on some of the best creative business from around the world.

Breakfast buddy: Muesli and yoghurt


3)     The musings of an opinionated sod:

Offering a unique cross-cultural perspective, Shanghai based Rob Campbell is a brit, irrepressible ad man, and brilliant writer. Pay particular attention to the comments section.

Breakfast buddy: Green tea and crumpets


4)     Ad-Aged:

George Tannenbaum presents an insider perspective with another realist, jargon-free masterpiece. Eminently readable and interesting.

Breakfast buddy: Tea and buttery toast


5)     The AdMission:

If you’re feeling really productive with your morning you can always use some of the IPA’s invaluable know-how to get a job before you’ve even properly woken up. It could happen.

Breakfast buddy: cereal and insurmountable ambition


By Sean R Mills