Salford Adsoc is a brand new society starting this year. If you are stuck for ideas what to do when you graduate, if you are curious about the world of advertising or desperate to break into the competitive industry- this society will help you all.

Advertising is fast-paced and interesting- but tough to break into. If you are interested in being a creative, an account handler or just finding out what this means then this society will help you out.

We are going to be holding a selection of talks, question and answer sessions and keeping you updated online.

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 Jon Hallowell

Salford AdSoc welcomed their first guest speaker, Jon Hallowell from local B2B (Business To Business) advertising agency, Marketecture - http://www.jonhallowell.com/ , http://www.marketecture.co.uk/ - at the Adelphi Design Campus.

The event lasted around two hours, with Jon giving a great insight into the possible directions an advertising creative can take forward, post university, while also talking through his work and the techniques that he has acquired on the way. A Q&A session was also included into the presentation, for further, more direct advice.

Following the presentation, Jon gave students the opportunity to present their books for one-on-one feedback sessions. Many students decided to take part in this opportunity, and gained higher percentages for the particular projects.

Overall, the first Salford AdSoc ‘gathering’ was a complete success for all involved. The society gained awareness within the design campus and University as a whole, with offers for further talks and presentations coming in via word of mouth.

The next Salford AdSoc presentation is set to take place within the next few weeks.



President =  Carl Porter | carl.porter91@gmail.com