Rory Sutherland + AdSoc


One of the highlights of last year, Rory Sutherland – while quickly striding towards Ad-Land legendary status – was kind enough to take the detour to talk to Oxford AdSoc members in the lovely surroundings of the Oxford Union debating chamber.

Now a twice crowned TED speaker, Rory Sutherland was elected Preident of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising in 2009.  He joined Ogilvy as a trainee, rising to Vice-Chairman i 2005.  He has worked with Amex, BT, Compaq, Microsoft, IBM, easyJet and UniLever, winning a few awards along the way. He was President of the Direct Jury at Cannes in 2007 and is also the Technology Correspondent of the Spectator – and above all a terribly interesting man.