Next Week There’s a Secret Recruitment Event. You’re Invited.

Next week we’ve got a little surprise for you. In fact, it’s a surprise for us too. A global company is going to come to Oxford to hold a recruitment event for Oxford students. What company is it? Well, the thing is, we don’t actually know.
The idea of this event is that people attend for the right reasons; that is, not just because of the big name (which is must be with a €20bn annual turnover), but for the opportunity this event represents.
So to reiterate what we do know:
A major graduate recruiter is doing a presentation at Oxford. They have an incredible offer to graduates, but they are not revealing their identity prior to the event itself, because they want students to come for the right reasons: what they stand for and the grad roles they offer.
  • It’s a global company operating in 130 countries
  • It has an employee base of over 60,000 and an annual turnover in excess of €20bn.
  • It offers summer internships and graduate opportunities across marketing, commercial, supply chain and finance functions.
  • They want people who thrive on immediate responsibility, innovation, leadership and complexity.
When is it?
Thursday 25th October, 6.30-8.30
Where is it?
The Old Library,
University Church of St Mary the Virgin,
High Street,
Oxford, OX1 4BJ
Any ideas who it might be? Comment below if you can guess it…
Image by gsi-r