MediaWeek Blog Competition Aftermath – ‘The Students are(n’t) Revolting’


You may remember that last year Ben Hughes, Deputy CEO of FT, came up with an exclusive AdSoc competition for us, after he came to speak on ‘The changing world of media’. A year later, we have a look back at what he thought of the AdSoc members.

Ben writes a blog for MediaWeek, which if you haven’t heard of it, is the leading online resource for media industry news. It’s a resource that companies actually use and is owned by the massively influential Haymarket Media Group. Ben’s competition asked AdSoc members to write a short media-related blog. The best three were chosen to go up to the Head Offices of the FT for a day of meeting and shadowing the Heads of Department. This was an amazing opportunity, and the three winners of the competition had snippets of their blogs published in his blog post ( entitled ‘THE STUDENTS ARE(N’T) REVOLTING.’

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Charlotte Cupit won Ben over by seizing on ‘one of my favourite topics – the rumours surrounding the death of newspapers’, seeing digital media as quickly making the printed news look outdated the moment it hits the shelves. She won him over by advocating titles like The Economist, arguing that ‘Newspapers will survive if they focus on what they do best: editorials, comments and investigation’.

Alex Harris took a different approach, arguing that the experience of reading a magazine or newspaper was still deemed by many consumers to be preferable to gazing at a screen, and so the popularity of the printed press is dependent on the quality of the content. He is confident in the future of the printed press alongside online subscriptions – ‘at least for now’.

Ben asked Ivan Ryzkov whether, without online subscriptions, papers could make any money online? His insightful response focussed on a move from the current ‘spray-and-pray’ approach to become more efficient, pushing for ‘more personal and contextually relevant’ ads on the internet.

Clearly, Ben Hughes was impressed with these contributions from AdSoc members, commenting that ‘you ignore the next generation of consumers at your peril – especially those who are probably going to end up in charge’.

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