L’Oreal event – Get a head-start in their ‘Brandstorm’ competition!

WHEN: 19th November (Monday 7th) 6.30pm
WHERE: Okinaga Room, Wadham College

Once again, AdSoc’s pleased to be bringing you an event from yet another incredible company, this time L’Oreal.

The event will be for anyone interested in working for L’Oreal or doing a summer internship, although the focus will be on the L’Oreal Brandstorm competition. This contest gives 3 teams, each comprising 3 students, the chance to think up an innovative new L’Oreal product and pitch it to company executives.

Taking part in this competition will be a great experience, and will also provide opportunities for exposure to high-level industry figures (The Global CEO of L’Oreal judges some of it in person).

The British winners get €10,000, and then get to go and represent Britain in the international competition. Registration is open, and the first task deadline is in mid-february. The quicker you start the more time you have to get to grips with the online material.

Here are the steps you’ll take throughout the competition:

1. Register your team of 3 online

2. Pre-case preparation on campus, then campus finals: present in front of a L’Oreal jury.

3. Briefing day at L’Oreal. Meet L’Oreal executives and other winning teams.

4. Case study preparation on campus, followed by national finals.

5. International finals in Paris, where the winning team gets 10,000 euros.

Competition details:

L’Oreal run a business game called ‘Brandstorm’.
http ://www . brandstorm . loreal . com/