Karma Kadets Grad Opportunity

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Over the summer of 2013, Karmarama will be offering a fantastic opportunity for four graduates hoping to forge a career in account management in the sphere of marketing. The chosen Kadets will work in our offices for two months, getting involved on accounts such as blinkbox, Honda and Plusnet. The Kadets won’t be resident tea makers or chief photocopiers – we really want them to make a difference in the day to day running of the business. They will also be pivotal in the rolling out an exciting new initiative called ‘Kindling’, working with the young folk of the office to create a mini advertising agency tasked with helping local businesses. Throughout the two months the Kadets will be offered guidance and advice via a mentor programme, while they will also get to pick the brains of the heads of department here. At the end of the two months we will be taking one or two of the Kadets on full time, though all the participants receive a high level of work experience.


Candidates will be able to apply on the following Facebook page, here – applications close on the 4th March. The page also features some of our recent work as well as what we’re up to in the office, just so those interested in applying can get a flavour of the agency. Potential applicants can use the page to ask any questions they have about the scheme as well. Finally, those interested can keep up to date with our current Kadets on Twitter at @KarmaKadetKatie or @KarmaKadetAlex or follow us here: @KarmaKadets