The iPhone is almost everything you need on you at any time. However, there are some things it will never replace.

This project is mainly a design exercise. In every aspect of the idea, form inspiration to construction I tried to find the marriage of two influences. 1. The ethos of Apple. 2. A song – ‘Without Thinking’ by The Streets (on Computers and Blues album).

Listening to this song I was firstly struck by the great attraction to the life outlook described but secondly by the impractical nature of his suggestion in the line:

only a shirt…

Surely you would want more than that.

I agree that ‘the best parties…’

But really, my night is ruined if a contact falls out and I have no replacements.

That is why I started this project.

To make a wallet that would be designed to perfectly complement the Apple Iphone, like Joe and Chandler off friends, they would be all you need with you to live the life of Skinner’s adverture focused character.

It is also an idea steeped in my love for strict functionality, simplicity, and understated style.