How different social tools on the Web are used to say what.

It can sometimes be hard to work out what to say where, in creating an online existence – whether for a business or a person.

I saw a list above a creatives desk and have developed it a little. Subtle but important distinctions.

You can conjugate it like verbs at school, to help you remember.

Facebook: I just took a piss.

Twitter: I am taking a piss.

Website: I do do pisses.
News page: I am about to piss.
(Although not all news posts are future tense their function is to imply what just happened will effect the immediate future – i.e. A new staff member, a feature in a magazine, a new show confirmed.)
Blog: Here is how I feel about pissing. 
(More in depth emotional attachment through story telling and a pseudo interaction where ‘comments’ are welcomed – people do not expect to be expected to comment on a news page.)
Newsletter to maillinslist: Drink my piss!
 (welcomed if you already love my piss).
Please do add any more/edits you can think of  in the comments.