Guest Blog: From Intern to Graduate: An insight into life as a Marketing Graduate

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I first fell in love with marketing during a first year lecture at university. As our professor spoke passionately about the power of brands and advertising, I found myself quickly drawn to a career in the field. After crossing the pond to the UK, I was fortunate to secure a place on Centrica’s marketing summer placement programme as a Customer Communications Executive at British Gas. In the short span of ten weeks, I was given responsibility for a number of exciting projects and even managed to squeeze in a charity skydive for Make-A-Wish! I certainly hadn’t anticipated jumping ten thousand feet out of a plane but my time at British Gas convinced me that a career in marketing was what suited me best.


I’m now in my first placement on the Centrica graduate programme working as a Retention Business Partner at British Gas. In essence, I’m responsible for developing various communications journeys and identifying opportunities to grow our consumer base and improve the customer experience. It’s a role that enables me to be both creative and analytical, working to ensure that we produce first class communications that contribute to the bottom line. I think that the biggest surprise for anyone embarking upon a career in marketing is just how varied a career in the field can be. Whether you have a passion for insight or the latest digital trends, there will always be something that caters to your skill set and interests.


Working at a brand that has a relationship with half the homes in Britain is both exciting and challenging. The energy sector is constantly evolving and as marketers, it’s important that we adapt to these changes and remain two steps ahead of our competitors. From our partnership with British Swimming to our investment in building smart homes of the future, no two days are alike at British Gas! My fellow marketing grads are working across a variety of teams including loyalty, corporate responsibility, competitor intelligence and customer communications. All very exciting stuff!


Some of the highlights of my time on the scheme have been my involvement with graduate recruitment – from managing social media to facilitating assessment centres. If I could give one piece of advice to anyone interested in pursuing a career in marketing it would be to build your personal brand and know what makes you different. The best leaders are often the most memorable ones and in the competitive industry of marketing and advertising, it’s important to be both interested and interesting. Start early and take advantage of every networking opportunity that comes your way – AdSoc events are a great place to start!


I’m always keen to speak with students about careers in marketing so if you have any questions feel free to drop me a tweet!