Enter The Tell the Truth Contest to win an internship at MediaCom

With first week now over, and the already blurry Freshers’ Week now fading into a distant haze, we at AdSoc thought we’d liven things up a bit a let you know about a competition that’s giving you the chance to win a fantastic internship at MediaCom, in either the UK or US headquarters.

MediaCom is a leading media planning and buying network with over 4,600 people working in 116 offices in 89 countries. They have a very impressive client portfolio including the likes of P&G, Coca-Cola and the Volkswagen Group.

The Competition – What you need to do

MediaCom is looking for the bright and hungry to come up with a solution to the brief, based on the understanding that brands that Tell The Truth are the ones that truly succeed.

You can find some tips from the book Tell The Truth below, or alternatively you can purchase it here

The Prize

The winning entry will win a summer 2013 internship at MediaCom, either in the UK or US office. For more information on MediaCom visit www . mediacom . com

The winner will also be a star Truth Teller weekly blogger, giving and insights into the world of marketing, to other students looking for inspiration and ideas.

The 8 Ways to Brand Truth

  1. Acknowledge reality. Take on board your consumers’ understanding of reality before you try to change it. Address what the consumers know is true before trying to persuade them of something different.
  2. Deliver real changes to services and company structure. Consumers will only believe you if what you tell them is not just what you say, but also what you do. You can’t convince these days with just a plausible message; it must be made tangibly real through your very practices and implementation.
  3. Take the consumer on your brand truth journey with you. Tell customers clearly what you want them to know, give them a clearly signposted path to discovering it (not just a portion or version of it). Don’t be vague, don’t communicate a fuzzy warmth about your brand. Be specific and directional.
  4. Enlist third-party advocates. Third-party advocates are essential. Third-party involvement — not just as audiences of “influencers” but active co-definers — must be an integral part of your brand truth, both to help to create it and then to defend it over time
  5. Be close. However huge or global an idea or information might be, it is literally experienced locally when it’s consumed. Recognizing this and using this quality to competitive advantage has huge power, as exploiting nearness and delivering its true relevance can differentiate between what’s believed and what is unbelievable.
  6. Find a Truth Turning Point. Truth isn’t just an extended narrative over time, but a moment — a Truth Turning Point, or “TTP” — when brands challenge conventions, defy expectations, and surprise consumers by speaking directly to them.
  7. Use point of action media. Few brands fully exploit the context of their messaging by ensuring the meaning in the message is delivered at the time when it is most useful and therefore easiest to act on or do something about.
  8. Leverage routine. Most people spend most of their time in routine activity: If you can either fit into an established routine or create a new one then your brand wins. If you can become the routine truth for your customer then the clutter of everyday living works to your advantage.

The contest will be judged by a panel of eminent marketing professionals including of course Jon and Sue, together with MediaCom’s Global CEO Stephen Allan, MediaCom USA’s CEO Sasha Savic, Don Schultz Professor Emeritus-in-Service Northwestern University, Ken Wheaton Managing Editor Advertising Age, Claire Beale, Campaign’s editor and Vic Davies of Bucks New University.

There will be four judging criteria with equal weight: Insight, Originality, Flexibility, Affordability

The deadline is November 30 2012 for 1000 words explaining how Brand X can gain a significant competitive advantage by Telling The Truth.

Entries should be submitted as word docs by email to steven.norman@mediacom.com.

This is a really fantastic opportunity to gain crucial work experience at one of the world’s biggest media agencies. If you have any questions just ask us by leaving a comment below and one of us will get back to you. Otherwise, best of luck from the AdSoc team!



  1. Julia M wrote:

    Hi there, I would like to participate in the contest and the topic sounds very interesting. However, I don’t exactly get what’s the task – sure, i read that we should come up with a solution to “the brief” – but where can I find that brief? Or is this article supposed to be the brief and the task is simply to develop a campaign idea based on the truth concept for any brand of your choice?

    I would really appreciate if someone could help and clarify this!


    • samuel.geuter@chch.ox.ac.uk wrote:

      Hi Julia! Thanks for getting in touch. The brief is “1000 words explaining how Brand X can gain a significant competitive advantage by Telling The Truth” and the deadline is November 30. Good luck ;)