Daddy, when I grow up I want to be an Account Manager

The key points to take away:

Account handling refers both to the management of clients, and campaign and project management. The account manager basically owns every part of the account and it’s his/her job to lead projects, campaigns and relationships with clients.

You’ll be managing three things as an account manager:

  1. Campaigns: you’ll be scheduling them, working out the costs and key stages. You’ll be working out who you need for them and when. You’ll have to write a creative brief detailing your plan and your strategic approach. And finally you’ll have set the campaign going before gathering feedback.
  2. People: you’ll manage people of different interests and personalities; you’ll have to be prepared always to be the middle man, be good at building relationships and trust and be great at motivating people.
  3. The business: you’ll be responsible for attracting new clients and keeping existing ones happy, along with seeking out new business strategies and opportunities.

It’s fair to say this is a job with an extremely wide range of potential activities and one great for somebody with a sharp eye for opportunities and solid business sense.

Could you see yourself as an account manager? Let us know in the comments below!