centrica imageThere is a fantastic opportunity to be had interning at Centrica – applications are open and the deadline is fast approaching (28th February).

Once again Centrica has taken the initiative to secure energy supplies through a combination of increased investment, new energy-efficient proposals and personal emphasis on corporate responsibility. Outside of business interests, it has continued to contribute to environmental affairs by serving an advisory role to the government in light of the Energy Bill, as well as in North America in seeking to create a more integrated, energy field through its CR strategy to direct state reliance to low-carbon sources.

The elite 30 FTSE company has continued to maintain its 10-week, award-winning summer programme, in spite of the financial setbacks it suffered in 2011. This opportunity offers students a genuine insight into the energy industry. It provides those successful applicants the fantastic opportunity to work on real projects, become an active member of the Graduate team itself and above all experience what it feels to make the transition from a life of academia at university to the fast-paced world of work.

Centrica offers students a rare and highly desired opportunity to explore their interests as well as develop their abilities in various areas of research. Departmentally, Centrica offers opportunities in a wide range of areas from human resources, finance, engineering and advertising. The opportunities the company offers to students is both varied and rewarding in its experience.

Throughout the programme itself, students will be supported at every level with the graduate talent manager overseeing their performance and development. This is underpinned by Centrica’s unique, inclusive “buddy” system which pairs new, inexperienced candidates with older, seasoned graduates. This relationship is not by any means one-sided, the programme provides students the chance to have a reciprocal effect in shaping the company by proposing ideas and input in meetings with senior managers, all of which are designed to challenge and stretch you as a prospective intern.

In short, Centrica offers students a uniquely rich and dynamic experience, giving them genuine insight into the energy market by providing free accommodation, wide range of opportunities and support from various members of the staff. Perhaps what best distinguishes Centrica from its competition is its commitment to cultivating relationships with past graduates in order that a close network of contacts is developed. Overall, having the opportunity to work with Centrica will help to equip students with the tools to become a much more polished, multi-faceted professional in the future.

For further information about the summer programme, candidates can keep up-to date with the following Facebook page here – with applications closing on the 28th February. Alternatively potential applicants can go directly to the company website for details about future events.