Blog Competition Entry: “I here describe the perfect woman”

She is the finest. She is ideal.

She is complete. Holistic.


She is so intoxicating, so entrancing, that I am confident you will be compelled to read this mere description of her more than once.

My first impression of her is extremely important, and comes…well, first. What is it that grabs me so personally, so mercilessly, enough to spark a significant attraction?

Her stability shines bright. I cannot ignore her. On first sight, I am immediately pulled in without knowing her. I know not her personality, her philosophy…or her trade.

She is striking and strong, but approachable. She is sexy, but not overtly so…a mere first glance upon her guarantees my intrigue, and ignites an undeniable interest.

She has a timeless natural aura that certainly attracts a wide audience. But I cannot avoid feeling like it is me she is targeting. It is me that she wants, personally. She makes me feel unique and important.

Her style maintains an absolute balance. There is a natural, effortless appeal to the way she is designed, and how she advertises herself. She achieves an unwavering, creative classiness without trying too hard.

She isn’t tacky, she moves with fashion and trends but impressively maintains her own style.

Indeed, her aesthetics respond to what I want. I know that it is she, not any other, who I need to invest my time in. Of course, she won’t make it obvious that I should probably invest money, too – she is wonderfully modest. It is part of her charm.

A physical or visual attraction is only part of her perfection. I need to know about her, to engage with what she represents, before I allow the emotional attachment between us to grow.

She is creative and colourful. She is healthy. She likes apples and pears, in particular.

At heart she is a city girl. That isn’t to say she doesn’t appreciate the countryside…she is far-reaching and broadly compatible. But it’s the busy-street cosmopolitanism; the capitalist buzz of urban life that nurtures her aspirations for success and can provide for her desire to be recognized. Of course, with a bustling city comes increased competition, but this only motivates her to perfect her own individuality.

She is sure of herself but not cocky, constantly aware of her humble roots. As a result, no matter how successful or popular or powerful she becomes, she always embraces the fundamental challenge of adapting to people.

She treats those loyal to her with continued respect.

Her honest disposition is refreshing in a world dominated by fabrication and excessive consumerism.

Her style and personality compliment, represent and reproduce one another.

More than anything, I can trust her.


But this not really a woman I am describing at all.

It is the perfect BRAND.


By Ciaran Thapar
Twitter: @CiaranThapar

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