Blogging Competition Entry: VOLKSWAGEN CRAFTER ‘OQ LOAD CASE’


Volkswagen Crafter QR Load Case from Pablo Maldonado on Vimeo.


Volkswagen’s Crafter is a vehicle for small and medium businesses, many of which are related to the transportation of food. VW wanted to confront their issue that the Crafter vehicle is used by less than 10% of people in Mexico City, despite being one of the largest trade marketplaces in the world, and therefore being a hub for potential customers.


Despite the dull and static stigma that QR codes are partnered with, VW’s solution is centred around this 2D barcode format (following on from their QR camouflage prototype cars in Germany). However, Volkswagen have done what they do best: made the generic genius. By building a giant QR code out of orange crates, they make something both unmissable, but relevant to the context of the ad and to the audience. Not only was the QR code placed in a location hard to ignore – in the centre of Mexico City, but it was executed in such a way that the consumer couldn’t resist curiosity.

Beyond just making a giant QR code, the content it was linked to was the crux of the campaign; upon scanning, the consumer not only watched a video where they viewed the dismantling of the giant structure, but the simple, resonating factor was made apparent, as the entirety of the structure was loaded inside the Volkswagen Crafter.


Despite it’s obvious success, resulting in a 70% increase in sales, and a 67% increase in awareness of the brand, in my somewhat cynical (or over analytical) mindset, I am adamant that this wasn’t successful because they used QR codes; because lets face it – QR codes are crap, dull, and in my opinion as useful as a (-insert lazyboy tool here- which increases efficiency for 5 minutes until the novelty wears off, and it gets shoved behind the wardrobe, where it will be ignored until the end of time)… But instead, was successful – and nominated for a Cannes Direct Lion – because they combined an impactful use of the medium, as well as a powerful idea executed in a way that added an experience for the consumer. Going beyond the run of the mill 2D black and white format we are used to, and making it meaningful to the consumer, they used the QR code as an interesting and engaging means to get the audience to seek out their video.

-This campaign took a simplistic element of the product which would relate to the target audience, and brought it to life in a creative and memorable way.

To conclude my somewhat aggressive ramblings… my oddly structured approach is applicable to most elements of advertising; you don’t just do anything, you do it because it adds that ‘little something extra’ to the campaign. It makes it memorable. It makes it relevant. And above all it makes it meaningful to the audience.

*End of Entry*

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