An Agency Plan.

I think someone should start and ad agency, where each member of the planning department gets 12 weeks holiday a year.

They would never stop thinking about the clients and the briefs, in fact, I think they would think better about the clients and the briefs.

Most good ideas don’t come when you try to think of them, especially when you are investigating links between deep human understandings and brand messages.

Unlike 10 years ago, they could all be in touch with the agency at any time. On holiday, but not out of touch.

They could travel to be among, and even on of, the people they are trying to empathise with.

I heard of a strategy consultancy that gives the option of 3 months holiday, but don’t know their reasoning and have forgetting the name.


Someone has done this very thing, but it appears it no longer exists.

Jon Steel, the Director of the wonderful WPP Fellowship says he once gave his planners as much holiday as they wanted – they usually chose to take twice as much as the average in the agency and he feels it worked well.

Other great advice for Planner is also in this video: