“I was very impressed by the Advertising Society.  It felt vital, energetic, lively and brimful of curiosity about our business.  I was asked to speak about the factors influencing brands in the digital age:  we had a great debate and provocative questioning – continued over dinner afterwards”

Miles Young | Global CEO of Ogilvy and Mather


About AdSoc

This is the home of the UK’s very own student advertising and marketing society. It exists as a network of student run chapters in universities throughout the country and an active blog here at adsoc.co.uk, all coordinated and supported by a central team of recent graduates. It exists to inform and connect young people that may find interest in the work of the communications industry.

So far we have hosted some of the top figures in the communications industries and hope to continue our rapid expansion with growing support from within the industry. Our aim is to represent the advertising, marketing and PR companies within the graduate recruitment market. We hope to do this by facilitating the growth of student run societies in every top university in the UK, whereby industry figures can give speaker events to inspire and engage with young people as well as permitting the students to gain hands on experience collaborating on relevant projects.

Click on the tab at the top of this page to see what is going on in your university. Our society begun in 2010  in Oxford, as they have had a head start they are the best example if you would like to find out more about what an active AdSoc does.

If you would like to collaborate with AdSoc in any way or if there is no AdSoc in your city – then contact Franky we will help you set one up!

Kind Regards,

Franky Athill