It is good when your internet browser remembers your past usage, and used it to make your next usage easier and faster. For example, remembering which websites you open frequently and putting tabs to them on your home page.

In my current employment, I have to do a lot of opening, saving and uploading of files in folders tucked deep inside other folders, inside other folders. I know, this is a particularly extreme example because many operating systems (macs) allow you to search by file name to find tucked away files quickly for uploading/attaching etc.

However, even on the average person’s mac, you will see icons in their task bar that they never use. Why should we be expected to ctrl-click – remove from task bar to get rid of this clutter? You dont have to on your web browser.

As our computers stop being computers and start being windows into the cloud computing shared between all out machines, I hope the operating system interface keeps up with the personalisation and convenience you find on Chome web browser.

Here are some free ideas for the designers:

1. The computer should know that the document you half wrote and saved to go and have some tea was not completed and should be waiting on your desktop. Once you email it to someone, it should automatically file itself away in the correct file according to what it contains and when it was created.

2. Applications that you have never used should be in a a folder called – New Applications. Applications you use often should be in your task bar.

3. The Chromebook doesnt do really do this, although it is a big step towards it. A key thing is that, who wants to write and save a doc in gdocs? Why the hell didnt they make gdocs look like the desktop we were deeply used to. Folders down the left like a list are rubbish. I want to drag and drop and move like I would pieces of paper and filing cabinets.

One more issue with going for a Chromebook is that I dont want to worry about my docs not being in the same/a readable format as everyone else. If I’m on the cloud and everyone else is still on Microsoft office I’m scared Ill meet file format issues.